Standby power is indispensable for many kinds of operations. Lengthy or recurring power outages result in financial loss, inconvenience or worse. Often, the investment in a standby generator set is recouped at the first significant outage.

Generac's broad product line offers a full range of models for all kinds of applications, in both diesel and gaseous fuel options.

Power generation equipment is built to exacting requirements. By its very nature, it must be safe, reliable and capable of routinely handling heavy electrical loads upon demand. That means uncompromising attention to close tolerances and exacting details, requiring manufacturing expertise and quality assurance at every step of the process.

The heart of every Generac genset is its engine and alternator. For our prime movers, we select top engine designs from around the world that are ideally suited to electrical power generation and modify them to Generac specifications. Starting with each long block engine, we add Generac-designed fuel delivery, cooling, and exhaust systems. Depending upon size, 98% of our alternators feature Generac manufactured rotors and stators. As an extra measure of safety and confidence, most Generac products are UL Listed by Underwriters Laboratories.


Generac's residential generator system is permanently installed outside your home, similar to a central air conditioner. The generator and its automatic transfer switch are connected to your home's utility service. Within seconds of an outage occurring, the generator starts up and the transfer switch provides electrical power to all pre-selected circuits. Automatically!

When you compare power output, features and price, you'll see that these top-selling models are the highest value products for the residential market:

7 kW — World's most affordable standby generator.
10 kW — The only 10 kW model that can start a 3-ton AC with power to spare
13 kW — Only Generac can produce 13 kW on both LP and natural gas
16 kW — The most powerful air-cooled standby generator currently made and the only air-cooled unit with
Generac's patent pending Quiet-Test™ feature.

All models are UL 2200 Listed, your only assurance of local building code approval, safety and certified kW ratings.

When considering your backup power system, choose between powering only selected circuits or your entire home and select a genset with the appropriate kilowatt output.