The CoolCube 10 is a 10,000 Btu revolutionary modular design that easily adapts to virtually any application. The CoolCube 10 is the only air conditioning solution in the industry that changes to fit your individual needs. The compact, 10,000 Btu/h module can be rack-mounted in an open 19-inch rack; mounted above the drop ceiling or on a shelf to conserve valuable floor space; stacked for capacity or redundancy; or used as a stand-alone portable unit—simply by adding the respective accessory kit.

With an industry trend toward smaller, more powerful blade servers and other heat-generating network equipment, companies face a growing threat of unexpected system shutdowns, as the capabilities of existing cooling systems often cannot adequately address equipments' heat requirements. CoolCube 10 delivers convenient supplemental cooling or instant emergency back-up during a heat-related crisis, with a range of benefits that make it a perfect solution to help protect valuable data in computer rooms, server closets, rack rooms, telecom closets and other critical network environments.
  • The only portable air conditioning unit in the industry that can be rack-mounted in a standard, 19-inch rack,
  • CoolCube 10 occupies just 12U of valuable rack space
  • Compact unit is 50% smaller than competitors but still packs 10,000 Btu/h of cooling
  • Unique modular design enables users to add capacity simply by stacking units
  • Remote control enhances convenience and ease of use
  • Portable unit conveniently rolls into tight spaces, delivering cool air directly to hot spots